• Karthik Bujuru



NDT, Acoustic Emission Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Radiographic Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Test


Non-destructive techniques (NDTs) as an inspection methodology have an obvious advantage of not irreversibly damaging
the samples for the host material’s structural integrity evaluation. Although the information regarding various
conventional NDTs is welldocumented in the scientific literature, this article’s objective is to review each of the method
as it pertains to evaluating quality of critical subsystems such as rocket motor casings. NDTs such as liquid penetranttesting, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing are reviewed along with relatively novel acoustic emission technique. Thearticle also discusses specific reasons for why acoustic emissions technique is particularly well suited for real-time
monitoring of rocket motor casings and its impact on revolutionizing the quality assurance ofcrucial infrastructure.


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